The Planet of Peace – My First Blog

[Finally I am sharing some of my spiritual poetry with “the world”. Thanks to Robin and Jenice for their support.

I have been debating what poem to share first and all indications point to this one which was written and/or scribed in 2009. With all that’s been happening since then perhaps this is the one that is most useful.  I hope you enjoy it.



I am a point of peace…

Peace radiates outwards… and counterbalances disharmony…

to leave… Stillness…………..


Peace expands outwards from me like a ripple across a pool –

only in reverse.

The stillness spreads outwards… calming the disturbances of the world.

My world, my pool… is still.

You, too, can be a pool of peace…

spreading outwards……….


Those around you are bathed in the light, reflecting and radiating, from your surface.

They feel the love… reverberating… to… and through… them.

They too will be become calm, if they allow themselves to.

Just as the Earth is a blue planet because it is largely covered in water…

one day it will be a planet that is covered in inter-connected pools of peace.


One day the Earth will be known, throughout the Universe,

as a “planet of peace” radiating love

and goodwill into the cosmos.


Just as a baby starts from a single cell

and grows into a miraculous creation:

the process of the peaceful Earth has begun.

But it is not growing from a single cell:

it is expanding like a culture of bacteria, growing simultaneously from many places.

I am, and you are, or will be, part of this growing culture….

of peace… and love…


Each “bacterium”is a pool of peace.

Each ‘bacterium” is a factory of penicillin bringing good health to the world…

bringing peace and light and love.

You may be a single individual… but you are always connected…

to all other individuals.

Your thoughts and feelings and actions have always influenced all those around you.


Now is the time for you and me and all aware “bacteria”, to create positively…

so that we may bring into conscious reality…

the creation of the Earth as “Planet of Peace”.

You may be just a little piece… but being a little… peace

is a fantastic start…

for we are seeding the Earth, with pools of peace and love.


Keep up the good work. The process has begun.

Be a gardener and nurture the delicate blooms that are yourself,

and all who are spreading light…

and peace throughout this planet.

The process has begun… and it will continue, inevitably…

if we support it.

So… be… a pool… of peace…


Each pool is an abode of the cosmic ocean.

We are all part of this ocean… but:

by consciously being… a pool of peace…

we are acknowledging… and supporting…

the Divine in its purpose.


Keep up the good work.

God bless.


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