The Butterfly of Happiness

This is my second blog and I’m sitting down to write it listening to the beautiful music of Chris James’s “Fiery Eyes”. That’s restful, melodic and inspirational. Keep up the good work.

This poem actually rhymes which is unusual for me. I guess it’s nice to be able to “prove” that I can write “poetry”. (Of course that has nothing to do with real poetry.) This poem was written in 2009 and I thank Nancy who liked it and has inadvertently encouraged me to share it in this blog.

Finally in the poem is the expression “(hu)man” which can be read as either “man” or “human”. I mention it now so as (hopefully) not to break the rhythm of the poem when reading it.

“The Butterfly of Happiness”

The butterfly of happiness is fluttering as it flies to who knows where.

It doesn’t seem to have a plan, and it flies without a care.                                                                

The butterfly is so delicate: its wings seem attached by thread,                                                           

so if you try to grasp them, they will fall off… and the butterfly will be dead.


Don’t try and catch the butterfly. Don’t try and pin it down,

for though the butterfly may flutter off, it will soon come back around. 

The butterfly of happiness goes wherever it can

to bring colour, joy and love, into the hearts of every (hu)man.*


The butterfly is like a rainbow, for it is a godly sign:

it doesn’t belong to you or me. It belongs to everyone, for it is divine. 

Don’t wait for the butterfly to come, or go and seek it out. 

Just get on with your life because of this there is no doubt:


The butterfly comes most to those who try to stay out of strife,

so be tolerant, trusting, kind and true, and live a loving, peaceful life…

and when you do this… you will usually find…

the butterfly of happiness, fluttering through you mind.

Thanks for reading. The “(hu)man” was originally written as “man” in the sense of applying to all of humanity and that probably fits the pattern of the poem best. However, as I mentioned before, please feel free to read it as either “man” or “human”.

Next time I will probably blog something a little more controversial, though I hope still spiritual and uplifting. Till then: “Be gentle and kind, and help to make our world better”.

In love and light,  Alan


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