Is There Anybody Out There?

Here’s a wildly different poem from my usual work.  The following poem was written in 2009, and re-worked a few weeks ago to highlight the questions that it asks.

I am posting this at the suggestion of a member of the astronomy group, at which I recently read the poem.  It does raise some existential questions even though it is not a particularly spiritual poem.

It is somewhat dated and inaccurate because our burgeoning space technology has rapidly improved recently.  We now know there are many more galaxies, each with more stars than we previously suspected, and each day there are more and more exoplanets being discovered.

Consider where humankind was 12,000 years ago at the end of the last ice age. Consider, too, humankind’s technological progress over the past twenty years, and its continuing advance into the future.

What will we be doing in 100 years time?  What amazing technologies will we have in 1,000 years time?

What could a more intelligent species achieve if it had had an extra one million years to evolve?  Isn’t this mind-boggling?  Please consider all of this as you read the following:


Is there anybody out there… in space?

It seems unlikely, that there is not.


Consider that there are millions of stars in our galaxy…

and that there are hundreds of thousands of galaxies, in our Universe.


Are we the only planet with life?

How could that be the case?

If life happened spontaneously, because the conditions were right,

how could there not be other worlds?

That would be like saying that among all the beaches along this coastline,

there was just one grain of sand, on one particular beach,

which had just the right size, and just the right component molecules,

to instigate, and sustain life…and all the zillions of others did not.


The chances of this, are so small as to be infinitesimal…

So impossibly small, as to be impossible.


Even if you anthropomorphize God, and turn Itheshe,

into a Super-man (or Super-woman), who created everything,

it is still improbable… No, it is inconceivable,

that God would create millions of stars, in hundreds of thousands of galaxies,

which have no other purpose, that to form a cosmic backdrop for us…

the ‘‘special creations’’ … to ponder,

and perhaps, one day, to explore, God willing.


Is this the best reason we have to explain God’s creations?

Surely not, for it is laughable, that we are such ‘‘special creatures’’,

that we are the high points of God’s creation.

Such hubris, and self-importance, demeans the magnificence of God.


Truly, we are like ants, busy building our nests and our colonies…

unable to see, or comprehend the vastness of our Universe…

unable to see beyond our little patch of ground.


If there are other, more intelligent life-forms out there…

why have they not made contact with us?

Probably, they already have, for there are certainly many sightings of spacecraft.

There have been many reports of abductions…

of people being taken up into spacecraft, and studied ‘‘scientifically’’.


If you think this implausible, or preposterous, think of what we do,

when we find new, ‘‘lesser’’ species. Isn’t this just what we do?

We study their habitats and behaviours discreetly.

We use our technology to observe the ‘‘lesser creatures’’.

We tranquilize some, and capture them,

and while they are mostly unaware of their surroundings,

we measure them and often fit tracking devices to their bodies.


Although we mostly return the ‘‘lesser creatures’’ to their habitats,

to go on with their lives… we keep a few as specimens for research…

or as trophies, or as exhibits in our zoos.


In the past, we have done the same thing with people,

from other, newly-discovered cultures that we deemed the ‘‘primitive’’.

‘‘Specimens’’ were taken home to be studied and displayed,

to show the populace what these ‘‘savages’’ were like.

It was deemed necessary to demonstrate to the ordinary people,

that colonization, and religious indoctrination,

were for the benefit of these ‘‘brutes’’.

There wishes were not thought to be worthy of consideration.


If our species as a whole has a karma…

perhaps, it is time that we… are ‘‘found’’.


We are almost certainly, not the ‘‘highest’’, most-evolved form of life.

Certainly, the odds of us being so are astronomical.

Yet, we are so limited in our thinking, that most of us,

believe we are the ‘‘highest’’, physical form of life.


Mind you, it was only a few hundred years ago, that Man believed,

that the Earth was the centre of God’s creation,

and that Heaven was suspended above the Earth, on columns.

Incredibly, some still do.


There are almost certainly, other higher life-forms out there.

Consider, the artistry and complexity of crop circles…

Certainly, many have been made by humans, but if they are not all ‘‘hoaxes’’,

then they could be a way of someone, or something, wanting us to be aware of their presence.

Consider, too, the Nazca lines… why are they only visible from above?


There are so many questions, and perhaps, the most interesting is:

Why have they not contacted us properly?

I would suggest it is because they are higher life-forms.

Consider this…

If you were a ‘‘higher life-form’’, would you want to befriend a culture,

that seemed hell-bent on destroying its people and its habitat?

Would you want to share superior technology with a species,

that already has the capacity and the willingness…

to destroy its planet… and itself?


If you came across a world of warlike ‘‘sub-humans’’…

who were threatening their world…

what would you do? Would you intervene?

Would you offer support, and higher technology,

and hope that they would change?

Would you sit back and watch… and hope,

that they would not destroy their world…

or another? Or would see them as a terrifying threat?


To me, the lack of contact suggests that the beings out there,

must be higher beings….

And they are waiting to see what we will do.

They are waiting to see if we can be trusted…

to not destroy, this planet… and ourselves.



Thanks for reading this.  I wish you well in your journeys through Life. Please continue to make our world better.

In Love and Peace,



A Difficult, Painful Birth

Although the coming of a New Age has been spoken of since the 1960’s it has taken a lot time to arrive.  However, just as a birth is generally heralded by pain and discomfort, the current turbulence and disruption of our times are reflections of a new beginning.

The tumult and travail are not warnings of the end of times, as Revelation would suggest, but of the long-anticipated, dawning of our new Golden Age.  It is up to all of us to make this happen.

Dream and create our better world now.

God bless,


A Difficult, Painful Birth

“Why” is the best question you can ask,

for its answers always take you to new levels of meaning.

“Why am I here?” is probably the most important question

you can ask, for it is the most profound.

So why have you chosen to be on the Earth at this time?

It is not an easy time for the whole world is, it seems, in upheaval.

There is violence, and intolerance,

and bigotry in a wide variety of forms.

These things are not new, but this is a critical time,

because it is a catalyst to bringing forth,

the world of Peace and Love, that we desire.

Lessons are not easily learned till we have direct experience,

of the ill-effects of “wrong” action.

God so loved the world that… Itheshe made it a paradise…

made it perfect for our needs,

and our learning.

Now is the time to act decisively to protect this planet,

from pollution, desecration,

and from rapid climate change.

There is the promise of a bright future,

filled with Light, and Love, and plenty,

but we must bring it into being.

We are midwives helping our planet

through a difficult, painful birth.

But from this pain, and suffering,

comes understanding and appreciation,

for the miraculous world that is ours.

It is not a world for rapacious exploitation…

It is, instead, a world for rapturous exploration…

So wonder at the miracles of life,

in this tiny segment, of our marvellous, cosmic… Universe.

So be it.


[This poem was written/scribed in 2016. I have struggled to find the right inspiration to select a poem for this latest blog, until I felt drawn to this one.  This was a little surprising as it seemed to end abruptly, and in posting it I have had to do some re-writing.

Let’s however keep things in perspective, as we are living in a world where Donald Trump can be talked about as deserving to win the Nobel Peace Prize.

This shows how true it is that God/ the Cosmos / Itheshe has a sense of humour, and how urgent it is for us all to be centred, to be strong, and to act according to our beliefs and our wisdom, with compassion and Love.]

A Cure For Fear and Hate

The world certainly appears to be out of control, and run by “crazy” people, and yet it is not.  However, it is a time when everyone’s faith, outlook and even our constitutions are being tested.

Do not despair, but do not give up for now it is more important than ever for you to be positive and to contribute to the well-being of our planet.  I hope the following poem which was written in May, 2016 helps to provide some inspiration or at the very least a reminder out there that there are many, many people of goodwill who are helping to make our planet a more loving and harmonious world.




The world is infected with fear and hate.

Many people are infected with frustration…

and/or despair.


There is however a cure.

  “What the world needs now is love, sweet love…

                No not just for some, but for everyone”.*

                                                             *[From “What the World the World Needs Now” by Hal David and Burt Bacharach]


We are facing an epidemic of negativity and fear.

The cure, the remedy, is Love.


“No not just for some, but for everyone.”*                      [Ibid.]

Let that be your refrain.


Not everyone will understand or appreciate kindness.

Not everyone will deserve it…

but your kindness…

your love…

will affect everyone on whom you bestow it.


Do not despair if your kindness is rebuffed…

or appears to draw an adverse effect.


Love is not just for “the deserving”.

Love is not a weakness…

It can take great strength of give love when it appears unappreciated.


Love is and must be… unconditional.



Love is not just for “the deserving”.

It is for “the despised” and “the damned” too.


Love is a great power….

Give it freely.

Give it unconditionally…

and you will find yourself empowered and enriched.


Your appreciation of everything will grow…

and grow… and grow.

If you grow it enough you will understand…

and you will be enlightened.


As in all things…

the answer is Love.


God bless.


Build and Not Tear Down

The challenge at the moment is to remain positive in the face of the world’s craziness.  And while it is important to stand up against the wrongs that are being perpetrated by so many of our misguided leaders who are too busy playing politics to really work on the things that really matter, it is important to create positively.

According to Isaac Newton and his “Third Law of Motion”: “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”.  It is not surprising then that the most effective means of producing positive change is not to oppose another force head-on but to work to turn that force’s motion in a more favourable direction.  For example, even the National Rifle Association in the USA is open to banning the “bump” devices which turn semi-automatic weapons into effectively fully automatic weapons.

It is important to support and acknowledge any positive steps by own opponents however small.  It is important to maintain a working dialogue with all people if at all possible, for this makes future changes a little more possible.

The following poem was written by me six months ago.  Despite my familiarity with the expression “little one” I am still a little uncomfortable with this wording. Sometimes, particularly when capitalized (q.v. Little One), this term is directed towards me, and sometimes it is directed to all souls living at this time on the Earth.

I hope you find this poem helpful in some way.  And it is a “real” poem, almost, this time as it mostly rhymes.  I don’t know that the rhyming is as powerful as when the words flow from the heart almost indiscriminately, but its useful to explore other means of expression.  Enjoy.


Build and Not Tear Down


Find what is true and let everything else go.

You can do this for you already know,

which things are important, and which things are not…


so let go of the non-essentials, and live the life you could.

Let go of all the niceties, and obligations, and all the things you “should”.


Let go of the people, all those who waste your time,

with their gossip, and negativity, for your strength they undermine.

Let go of those “too serious” and all the “drama-queens”,

who like nothing better than a “war”, or “villains” and “victims”,

or any kind of scene.


Let go.  Let go.  Let go,

and let God be your guiding light.

Turn round.  Turn round,

and follow the path that is clearly in your sight.

Follow Truth, Love and Kindness, and let your flag unfurl,

as you step up… step forward…

to build a better world.


Let us march together, arm in arm, and hand in hand.

Let us cultivate the numbers of this ever-growing band,

of people who want to build and not tear down,


So build and create, all the good things in life…

and if we build together, and make each other stronger,

we will put an end to strife.


God bless all you fellows, who are seeking to end war.

God bless all you workers, who are seeking to restore,

the world of God’s creation, that we call Paradise…

and soon it will be here…


if we keep building on our building, and keep loving in our hearts…

and soon this new beginning will be a perfect start…


So little one, keep building…

Keep loving…

and keep growing…

in Love and Light and Truthfulness.


God bless,


Seeing in Colour

Life is short and it is up to us to make the most of each moment.  Life can be magical and exciting and all-embracing if we stay centred and at peace.  This is our ongoing challenge, so create well my friends.

I hope the following poem written in March, 2017 can help to inspire you to stay on track with your spiritual progress, for in truth, we all need to help each other. Together, we can overcome all obstacles.



Seeing in Colour


Most of us do not see auras, or spirit people.

This is not our fault, for most people have limited abilities to perceive,

and even to understand.


Most of us see the shades of grey of our black and white world,

that is, in truth, illusion.

Our black and white thinking leads us to the black flag of ISIL, (ISIS, or Da’ish)

in one extreme.


Our whole lives are seen in these colours,

and our happiest, and saddest days,

are symbolised by the white, wedding dress,

and the black of traditional mourning.


It is as if we are deprived, or just lost.

It is as though we are colour-blind.


Black and white thinking, is not right.

It turns daylight, into night.

It turns peace, into a fight,

So please, please, turn on your light.

Right now.


The way to do this… to move forward…

is to see with your heart.

The “black” and “white” / “wrong” and “right” perceptions,

come from the mind.


So, instead…  sit in love…

See with love…

Let the world pass by without attachment…

without judgement…

and you will begin to see more clearly…

and more colourfully…


and you will start to understand,  the beauty and perfection,

of Itheshe’s creation.


These are just a few words, for now.


God bless,


A Flower in God’s Garden

Greetings and good wishes to all.

I’ve been revising some old poems recently and transcribing them to my computer recently, and I came across this poem from 2010.  I find that it still speaks to me and I hope it does to you as well.

I will have to leave my preamble short today as I’ve had to use one of my local library’s computers, as mine is not working. Now I’m coming towards the end of my session, so I’ll go straight into the poem.


A Flower in God’s Garden                    

I am a flower… made by God.

I am a beautiful soul, that is a part of God’s garden.

Sometimes it seems I am surrounded by weeds…

but there are no weeds in God’s garden.

For all beings are beautiful flowers.

It is true that some of these flowers, need pruning…

and/or support…  to reach their full potential….

and to show their full, Divine glory.

Most of the flowers need fertiliser to help them grow…

All of them need water… and tending by a Divine hand.

Be a flower, little one….

Be delicate, and graceful, and open to the world.

Be a flower, little one…  be beautiful…

and give to the world your true self… and your honey.

Let your words… and your thoughts… be nectar,

to sustain the world…

and to manifest a new Eden…

which is the Earth… as it truly is….

full of beauty…  full of Love…. full of peace.

Be a flower, little one….

Don’t worry if there are stronger, or taller,

or more beautiful flowers around you.

You are beautiful, as you are.

Keep yourself in good condition.  Look after all your needs.

Eat healthily, and in moderation.

Drink plenty of water, and be careful about what you consume.

Cultivate your thoughts… and discipline your actions…

to bring to the fore, your true beauty.

Be a gardener of your soul… and be a guardian of…

and advocate for, the Earth.

It is time for you to be a flower… not just a bud, of Divine potential.

Open up…                           Take a deep breath….

and just be… a flower.

Be a flower, in God’s garden…

for that is enough.

God bless.



Best wishes to all.  Stay strong, keep the faith, and help create a better world.

In love and light,



The World is in Need of You

Well, that was a surprise for me finding that my last “post” is saved as a draft and not posted after all.  Oh well, I’ll save that [“Do Not Be a People-pleaser”] for another time.

Today is the start of a new year and I’d like to post something uplifting and hopefully inspiring to help get 2017 off to a positive start.  This poem was written in October, 2016. I hope you enjoy it.


The World is in Need of You

“There’s a light at the end of the tunnel.”


It is important to keep your faith… and to keep your hope, and trust…

especially in these difficult and troubling times.

Tomorrow will be a better day. Peace will come…

but we must do more.


It is not enough to trust in a brighter tomorrow… for we need a brighter today.


If you want more light… and more love in this world…

then be a source of light and love.

Sow the seeds of peace and love today…

Right now!!


You are standing on fertile ground for everyone, almost without exception,

wants a peaceful world… a world of love… and light.


Turn on your light, little one…  Don’t wait for another…

You are enough…

You think you are only one… (even though you are one of many),

Even one is enough….for One…

is the All.


It is not enough to intend to do things, one day…

Some things need preparation and this is fine,

but start today… not next week… or next year.


The world is in urgent need of you, functioning at your highest capacity.

It has need of you functioning at your highest capacity.

It has need of  you as a bringer of light…

and love… and peace.


Accept your circumstances, little one.

Accept your limitations, and your desires, and your aspirations.

You are in exactly the right place… right where you are meant to be.

So start today… right from where you are.


You say you are not capable… that you are not enlightened…

But, little one, you are on the path to enlightenment…

You are on the path to becoming a realized soul…

a light-bearer… and a light-bringer…

 a sower of truth… and peace… and love.


So reflect on your situation. Find someone who you can help… today…

and offer your assistance.

Learn something today so that you will have more to offer tomorrow.


Make sure, too, that you learn about yourself, and how you function.

Take time to reflect in stillness… to meditate…

and to connect with the divine essence and understanding,

that permeates everything.


Little one, take time for yourself.

Little one, take time to help others…

and allow yourself to grow.


Blessings be to you… and to all humanity…

even those who know what they do.


Turn on you light… today.

Little one, turn on your light…

 and shine.


God bless.