Into the Silence

It’s not long since my last post but I’m keen to have a more uplifting message “out there”. Although this poem was written seven years ago it still speaks to me and is appropriate on another level as I’m off to a meditation class tonight.

There is another reason for using this poem because it has a scriptural allusion, and I feel that it is useful to mine the spiritual truths that are often hidden or overlooked in some of the sacred books of our religions.

Into the Silence

In the silence there is surrender… a letting go…

a turning over of things to God.


I let go of my busy life. I let go of all the things that “matter”.

I sit still… and I just am…

I listen to the things of which I’m “normally”unaware.

I listen to the rhythms of my breathing.


With each breath I go deeper… and deeper… into the stillness.

Deeper into my centre… deeper into my heart.


My heart feels like it is the centre of the Universe… and it is…

For all things are connected… all things are united…

all things are one.


Into the stillness I go.  It is a journey of no distance,

but it is as far as anyone can go:

for I have gone from the realm of separation and limited identity –

which is not real – into the world where everything is one.


I have stepped from the world of time… into the everlasting Now.


Stillness… It has all been said before:

              “Be still and know that I am God”.                                        (Psalm 46:10)


God bless.

Thanks for your interest and support.  In the near future I will post a poem “Spirituality and Religion” to build on some of the themes of my posts so far.  I will also be talking about choosing “supposespiritualblog” as the name of this site.  But, that’s enough for now.

Enjoy your journey and don’t forget to stop and smell the roses. Be kind and true to your principles.

In love and light,


There is No Honour in “Honour Killings”

This is my third blog and, despite some reluctance,  I am drawn to publish this poem. The poem was written in 2008 and remains, unfortunately, relevant to current events. I heard recently that in one country which I won’t name there are around 1,000 “honour killings” each year.

I have a couple of reservations about this poem. The first is that it has some political overtones which I normally try to avoid, and the second is that it has some language usage with which I am not entirely comfortable as I prefer not to talk about “evil”. Still I feel that it is important to present it in accord with its form on its creation.

I also warn you that I have used a new word for God – “Itheshe” which I will comment on later. I mention it now only because it can be disruptive to the flow of one’s reading enjoyment if there is something unexpected. But, that is enough preamble.


There is No Honour in “Honour Killings”

There is no honour in “honour killings”, just like there is no love in “shotgun weddings”.

When we force others to do what we desire we are like rapists or murderers.

When we do this… we are doers of evil.


To kill a family member, because they have been raped,

especially if they have done nothing to provoke such an evil attack… is itself evil.

When the value of the family “name” is worth more than the welfare of one of its members… there is perversion.

This is a sickness of mind and a great, great evil.


There is no honour in “honour killings”… only evil.

God help those who do these things to understand,

how great is their blindness and how hard are their hearts.


Let them receive this form of cruelty in this lifetime, or in the next incarnation,

so that they will truly understand how evil was their act,

and how they have made themselves distant from your love.


God please find these lost sheep, these evil “honour” killers, and bring them home to your fold.

Open their eyes Itheshe, help them to see.

Help them to recognise their blindness, and to feel compassion for those they have hurt.


God bless these evil-doers and draw them to the light.

Please have compassion on their “victims”, who are also learning about love, even through their “deaths”.


There is no honour in “honour killings”, but there can be, and ultimately will be,

learning about the meaning of your love, through these acts.


     Cast out your darkness little one. See the error of your ways.

     Seek God’s light to guide you and you will have better days.

     There is no strength in compulsion and no purity in these heinous acts.

     Honour killing is pure evil, and that is just a fact.

     Reach out for forgiveness. Let go of the need to save face.

     Value each person for who, not what, they are… and the world will be a better place.


Go little one. Repent and sin no more.

God bless.

I am sorry this poem has an almost religious tone and also oversimplifies a complex situation, but if it can help to save even one life then it will have been worthwhile.  My next blog will, I promise, be more directly spiritual and, hopefully, uplifting.

Finally I will mention that the word “Itheshe” was “lexicrated” (neologised, or invented) in 2008. It was constructed to counterbalance the common “misrepresentations” of God as “male” or “female”. Using the word “it” in relation to God seemed totally inappropriate as it is the same pronoun as is used to describe any inanimate or non-gendered object.

God is all-embracing and Itheshe is found in all beings, whether male, female or non-gendered, and in all things. God embraces all male, female and neutral beings and things, so it see med appropriate to coin this word for “It” / “he” / (and)”she” to recognise this commonality.

This is my reasoning, and I trust that you will understand, or at least tolerate, this usage.

That’s enough. Till next time, may the divine be with you in all things. Go in love and light. God Bless.

The Butterfly of Happiness

This is my second blog and I’m sitting down to write it listening to the beautiful music of Chris James’s “Fiery Eyes”. That’s restful, melodic and inspirational. Keep up the good work.

This poem actually rhymes which is unusual for me. I guess it’s nice to be able to “prove” that I can write “poetry”. (Of course that has nothing to do with real poetry.) This poem was written in 2009 and I thank Nancy who liked it and has inadvertently encouraged me to share it in this blog.

Finally in the poem is the expression “(hu)man” which can be read as either “man” or “human”. I mention it now so as (hopefully) not to break the rhythm of the poem when reading it.

“The Butterfly of Happiness”

The butterfly of happiness is fluttering as it flies to who knows where.

It doesn’t seem to have a plan, and it flies without a care.                                                                

The butterfly is so delicate: its wings seem attached by thread,                                                           

so if you try to grasp them, they will fall off… and the butterfly will be dead.


Don’t try and catch the butterfly. Don’t try and pin it down,

for though the butterfly may flutter off, it will soon come back around. 

The butterfly of happiness goes wherever it can

to bring colour, joy and love, into the hearts of every (hu)man.*


The butterfly is like a rainbow, for it is a godly sign:

it doesn’t belong to you or me. It belongs to everyone, for it is divine. 

Don’t wait for the butterfly to come, or go and seek it out. 

Just get on with your life because of this there is no doubt:


The butterfly comes most to those who try to stay out of strife,

so be tolerant, trusting, kind and true, and live a loving, peaceful life…

and when you do this… you will usually find…

the butterfly of happiness, fluttering through you mind.

Thanks for reading. The “(hu)man” was originally written as “man” in the sense of applying to all of humanity and that probably fits the pattern of the poem best. However, as I mentioned before, please feel free to read it as either “man” or “human”.

Next time I will probably blog something a little more controversial, though I hope still spiritual and uplifting. Till then: “Be gentle and kind, and help to make our world better”.

In love and light,  Alan

The Planet of Peace – My First Blog

[Finally I am sharing some of my spiritual poetry with “the world”. Thanks to Robin and Jenice for their support.

I have been debating what poem to share first and all indications point to this one which was written and/or scribed in 2009. With all that’s been happening since then perhaps this is the one that is most useful.  I hope you enjoy it.



I am a point of peace…

Peace radiates outwards… and counterbalances disharmony…

to leave… Stillness…………..


Peace expands outwards from me like a ripple across a pool –

only in reverse.

The stillness spreads outwards… calming the disturbances of the world.

My world, my pool… is still.

You, too, can be a pool of peace…

spreading outwards……….


Those around you are bathed in the light, reflecting and radiating, from your surface.

They feel the love… reverberating… to… and through… them.

They too will be become calm, if they allow themselves to.

Just as the Earth is a blue planet because it is largely covered in water…

one day it will be a planet that is covered in inter-connected pools of peace.


One day the Earth will be known, throughout the Universe,

as a “planet of peace” radiating love

and goodwill into the cosmos.


Just as a baby starts from a single cell

and grows into a miraculous creation:

the process of the peaceful Earth has begun.

But it is not growing from a single cell:

it is expanding like a culture of bacteria, growing simultaneously from many places.

I am, and you are, or will be, part of this growing culture….

of peace… and love…


Each “bacterium”is a pool of peace.

Each ‘bacterium” is a factory of penicillin bringing good health to the world…

bringing peace and light and love.

You may be a single individual… but you are always connected…

to all other individuals.

Your thoughts and feelings and actions have always influenced all those around you.


Now is the time for you and me and all aware “bacteria”, to create positively…

so that we may bring into conscious reality…

the creation of the Earth as “Planet of Peace”.

You may be just a little piece… but being a little… peace

is a fantastic start…

for we are seeding the Earth, with pools of peace and love.


Keep up the good work. The process has begun.

Be a gardener and nurture the delicate blooms that are yourself,

and all who are spreading light…

and peace throughout this planet.

The process has begun… and it will continue, inevitably…

if we support it.

So… be… a pool… of peace…


Each pool is an abode of the cosmic ocean.

We are all part of this ocean… but:

by consciously being… a pool of peace…

we are acknowledging… and supporting…

the Divine in its purpose.


Keep up the good work.

God bless.