God is in all Things

The Divine speaks to us all every day.  If only we would listen.  In even the smallest of things, there is Itheshe, or God, as the source is more commonly known.

This poem was written in a Quaker meeting a month ago, and was inspired by a cool, windy and wet day viewed from the comfort of the meeting house.

On my 1¾ hour drive to the meeting I was inspired by the beauty of the open and often rocky countryside, and I stopped a number of times to take photos of rainbows shining above the wet fields.

I felt supported by the Divine and truly blessed.  This poem followed.  I hope you enjoy it.

In light and Love,



Listen to the rain.

Listen to the wind.

Listen to your heart…

for God is in all things.

See the branches dancing in the wind.

See the light shimmering in its reflections.

See humanity and divinity in everything…

for God is in all things.

Feel the caress of the gentle breeze.

Feel the miraculous beating of your heart.

Feel the connection to all beings…

for God is in all things.

Think about your own insignificance.

Think about our vast, incomprehensible Universe.

Think about your own, Divine magnificence…

for God is in all things.

God bless,



P.S.  Apologies to anyone who has been disappointed by the long delay in making this post.  There is no excuse for my slackness, but you may be pleased to hear that I have been busy preparing for a hoped-for publication of the/(my) book, that will be published when the time is right: hopefully, very soon.


Spirituality and Religion

The following poem was written in 2008.  I am surprised that I haven’t already posted this poem, although some of its references are now perhaps a little dated.

It remains perhaps the greatest challenge for many, and perhaps most humans, especially in so-called “developed” societies, to get out of their heads, and live by and through their hearts.

Good luck to you all with meeting this challenge.

Best wishes,





Your journey is spiritual.

This is your purpose for being on the Earth, at this time.

This spiritual purpose has nothing to do with religion,

and nothing to do with belief.


Religion is a series of beliefs.

Religion comes from and exists in the mind…

the human mind.  The limited human mind.


Spirituality comes from and is… a connection to God…

to the Divine Source.

Spirituality comes from and dwells in the heart.

Spirituality belongs to the Divine mind,

that connects everything.


Spirituality and religion are not quite chalk and cheese.

Religion brings division, and spirituality ease.


Religion can be a path through life.

After all, there are many paths to God…

for God is everywhere.


Religion can bring joy… purpose…

and even happiness, but it has absolutely nothing to do with spirituality.

These things are on completely different planes.


So many wars have been fought in the name of religion.

Why is this?


If I believe that I know all the answers,

and that those who disagree with me are wrong…

then I am not being spiritual,

and, in fact, I do not have the answers.


Spirituality is a connectedness to God.

Spirituality is a connectedness to all creation…

to the Earth… to all beings, human and non-human.

Spirituality is marked by compassion for all…

Spirituality acknowledges the divinity of all things.


Every being is divine…

Even you…

Even me…

Even Charles Manson…

Even Adolf Hitler…

Even Osama Bin Laden…

Even your own worst enemy…


Especially your own worst enemy.


Try to see things differently.

Try to see all things, all difficulties,

all challenges as coming from God.


Try to look on all beings with compassion…

and acceptance… and even Love.


For Love is unconditional…

which means you cannot love one being,

if you do not love all beings…


Think about that…

and I will return to talk again

about Spirituality and the all…


God Bless.

In Death There is Life

Hi everyone.  No I haven’t dropped off the face of the Earth. I’m not sure whether I’ve been just busy or slack, but either way, I haven’t done a blog entry for ages.

This is my first one for 2018, and I’m looking forward to a positive and uplifting year. There are some exciting new changes happening for me, and I hope you are all creating your lives well, too.  Many blessings to you all, and may your year be filled with love and light and achievement.

This poem was written in 2016, and has a couple of words that need explanation.  I have used “interconnectedness” to suggest a state of interconnection rather than just interconnection.  That seems to me to be a subtle but important difference.  And I have used again “my” word for God, “Itheshe” which is derived from “It”, “He” and “She”. Please tolerate, if you can, my “eccentricities” (idiosyncrasies).


In Death There is Life


It is a beautiful world.

There is so much complexity, and interconnectedness, in everything.


Everything is a wonder…

so spend some time wondering,

and marvelling at “creation”.


“In the beginning was the word…”

and it turned into our world,

and even more incomprehensibly,

into our universe.


There is so much to wonder at,

and yet it is all “illusion”.

The solid body is made up of tiny, “invisible” atoms,

which are, in turn, mostly empty space…


and these atoms as they dance, their cosmic dances,

join in conga lines of molecules,

and cluster into “compounds”

and “cells” and “organs”

and individual creatures,

each mostly unique from its fellows.


There are so many species of beetles and flies

and bacteria and mammals.

It is amazing…


You have heard the expression perhaps that “beauty is skin-deep”,

but this is wrong.

Beauty is everywhere…  in everything…

even in the things that disturb, or disgust you.


Have you ever seen the rainbow colours of an oil film?

Have you seen the awesome power of a crocodile’ s jaws

closing on its prey.


There is beauty everywhere.

Everything is God’s creation.

Itheshe dances everywhere.


“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”…

which is nearly true.

Beauty is appreciated by its beholder…

for everything is beautiful.


Do not be disturbed by death,

for this too is beautiful.

It is an intrinsic part of the life cycle of our illusory world.


Death breeds life.

The plant or animal that you eat, sustains you,

and helps your body to grow, or renew itself,

or to survive.


Similarly, the waste that you produce,

and even your body when you have discarded it,

help to sustain other creatures,

and help them to grow and reproduce

and to survive.


In life there is death…

and in death, there is life.


It is a beautiful cycle.

It is truly amazing.


God bless,


Everything That You Do is Important

Everyone is important.  We are all on our individual journeys of discovery and spiritual understanding.  Do not compare your journey to that of anyone else: for it is individual and unique to you.  It really does not matter what anyone else is doing, for everyone else has their own individual journeys and learnings (lessons).

What matters in so far as anything matters is that you embrace your journey and your spirituality as fully as you can.  Hopefully, you can find some inspiration in the following poem which was written in 2009.

If you are uncomfortable with the use of the word “child”, as I was when I wrote it, please remember that you are a child of the divine (God).  We all are.


Everything That You Do is Important

Everything that you do is important.

The food that you consume at breakfast is the source

of your physical nourishment for the start of your day.

Do not be distracted by thoughts of what may lie ahead of you in your day.


Savour your food.  Taste each mouthful.

Chew thoroughly to aid proper digestion.

Be in the moment. Live this moment to the full,

for it is the only one that is real.


Everything that you do is important.

Consider the words that you speak before you utter them.

Do they come from your heart?

If not, do you really need to say them?


Do not think that every moment in a conversation must be filled with words.

Sometimes there is a need for truthful silence…

Think about that.


Everything that you do is important.

Each breath that you take helps to sustain you.


How is your breathing?

Are your breaths slow and deep, filling your whole diaphragm?

Are you aware of your breathing?  Or, are you just going through the motions?


What is your haste child?

Take your time…  Breath deeply… and fully.

Be aware of your breathing.


Everything that you do is important.

Each thought that you have is a creative interaction with the world.

Each thought has constructive power… to create and build a better world…

or to destroy and tear it down.


Let each thought that you have be peaceful… and energizing…

and full of well-being.


Your life is precious, child.

It is a jewel of value beyond all estimation.

Do not roll it in the mire, or lose it through a careless action.


And most important of all… do not lose it through mindless inattention…

wasted moment after wasted moment.


Everything that you do is important.

Do what you must do… now… in this moment,

and let the next moments follow as they will…

one moment at a time.

God bless.